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Combined site with Shop & Blog - KHWD designed and developed, a website design service

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website design service

Blog & Shop Sites

Design, Creation and upload and ongoing maintenance of an e-coommerce shop combined with a blog custom made for your business, with as many images, you tube videos etc. as you require, which you are welcome to provide yourself or I can manufacture for you, your choice plus as much text as you require in a choice of font formats, you chose from a selection. For the Blog it can be set up for you to write blogs added onto it or you can chose to have me do that for you, your choice Note it is also possible for me to create 360 degree spins of Product and GIFs of those to include if you so wishPlease note the 1st years maintenance and domain presence (i.e URL) are taken in advance, subsequent years should you wish the website to continue and flourish will be charged then. Note on the Blog if there are no functional changes needed and it is just blog content being added by yourself, clearly there will no no additional charge for that but the addition of new shop products will be charged for. All the best, KeefH Web Designs, note a mobile version is also included

If you are interested feel free to leave me your address

Video Example, The "Art of the Possible"


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Transparent Video Example, The "Art of the Possible"

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