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Blog 3 - New Website Design Techniques employed on the "Family Holiday to Orlando" write-ups

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

created by KHWD, the home of great website design, on 25th August 2022 at 13.55


Having returned from a fabulous 3 week family holiday in Orlando, Florida, USA I put together my usual travel Blog (no 183) on my motorhome-travels blog site and I am also incorporating that into my HOLIDAY 2010 website design site as it fits well with my existing visits to the states in 2018, 2010 and 1997, indeed the 1997 visit was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Walt Disney World resort, our recent visit in 2022 was to celebrate the 50th anniversary and it seemed appropriate to document the changes and similarities between those 2 anniversaries , a lot had changed , some things had not.

Anyhow in website design and development terms I learnt a few new skills along the way. The extended use of section links via internal MENUs in blogs rather replicates the old website design skill that was easily available under the old Moonfruit editor using what they called sections. With very long blogs whilst in mobile mode (and to a lesser extent desktop mode) it is easy to return to top of page , it is useful to have a return to menu after each distinct section, else a lot of scrolling is necessary. I used every type of gallery format, and the new SoundCloud insertion is a real benefit over iframes which are in coding terms hugely antiquated.

I also put some pressure on Yell wrt roles and permissions to enable access to custom code, essential for employing MS's new Clarity which has huge heatmapping advantages over Google Analytics. Tis means you can test at the click level, very useful mostly for e-commerce processing but not to be excluded for all over website processing.

Also ensuring that links to my other sites are not penalised in SEO terms by having Google ignore them is a useful tool to prevent Google's automation thinking it is trying to spam the search engines.

Another little technique on Blogs is to use the setting advanced option to highlight 3 related blogs which appear at the end of the blog. In the case of this holiday I reviewed all the blogs that had anything to do with the USA and linked them so when you finish that blog you can seamlessly progress to the next "States" related blog, this technique would apply to whatever your particular focus is and the direction you wish to take your visitors / customers.

I've also been using the "local app" NEXTDOOR to promote an autumn offer, i.e. 20% off every service in the SHOP for a month #offer

OK thats all for now folks!


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