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Blog 15 - AI articles to enhance Website Design

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

created by KeefH Web Designs, the home of great website design, on 26th July 2023 at 17.26 p.m.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) articles created to enhance Website Design by KeefH Web Designs



AI is new, my personal belief if controlled correctly will be as big and as powerful as say the "information super highway" was back in the early 90s (full praise to school colleague Sir Tim Berners-Lee for the World Wide Web (www.)) which evolved into what we now know as the "Tinternet" #history Website design benefits from AI.

image of a head and artificial intelligence logo
how can KeefH Web Designs help you?

AI Apps

I use the following apps currently, all for website design, I am sure there are many more (i.e. derivations of ChatGPT and Bark) to generate AI content, whether words or images / videos.

EASY SEO (for articles /blogs) RabbitSEO articles (for articles /blogs and backlinks) 123 Content (for articles /blogs) Clipchamp (for videos)


Here are a few I have created, carefully ensuring I double check each before publishing. This is what I mean by human control in an AI world of constant learning and self development, ensure you never loose control. Website design needs this. Remember that old British Gas advert with Bob Hoskins, who does, well I do #smile #AI

Articles / Blogs Articles I have created using AI for website design and an app I support called EASY SEO. The same thing is possible with another app I support RABBITSEO. 123Content helps generate articles and /or blogs that you can insert into your website and it uses AI to do that. In all cases you can either let the whole thing "be done" for you. Every article can have up to 4 backlinks from blog sites with a Domain authority (DA) of 50 or over. In web search crawling terms for SEO this is good news and will enhance the respect and longer term the ranking your sites achieve. EASY SEO AI generated articles / blogs

Paper trail news, Top 10 website designs for 2023

Blog Partners, Exploring the countryside in your motorhome

The American Reporter, using shorts and reels in the video world to enhance your website marketing and brand message RabbitSEO AI generate articles / blogs Fyimagazine, 10 Key Elements of an Effective Web Design Small Biz Fire, Tips for optimising website speed

Journal Post, How to improve your website loading speed


I have also used the AI version of Clipchamp to generate videos in the standard landscape style or portrait ready for things such as You Tube shorts, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram amongst other social media application.

Here is an example of both created by KeefH Web Designs to show the AI art of the possible. Once again I have intervened just before publication to ensure everything is good. Don't you love being in Control!

123Content creates "embeddable" AI created content for our website. You can chose from any of the following formats and then download it with image or not as you see fit, check it, remember, "Don't you love being in control"? Then copy it into your website in the appropriate place, full content page or if generating Blog content then into the blog. You can modify to your hearts content until it matches exactly what you want to say. Hope that makes sense! #blogs #backlinks #SEO #apps

123Content app screen view main dashboard created by KeefH Web Designs
these are the choices of content generation you get with 123Content

Here is a NEWS article I generated directly from 123 Content app with one click, its content are not entirely true, i have won awards but not the one it mentions, and I am still a team of 1 but I do have a great deal of experience in this field, see what you think, in auto website design terms I was impressed, I can do it for you and we can alter the facts to be a bit truer!

Generated Article Firstly, the company recently unveiled a brand-new website design, showcasing their expertise in the field of web development and design. The new website features a sleek and modern layout, highlighting their portfolio of previous projects and services offered. The website also offers a user-friendly interface, making it easier for potential clients to navigate through the various services and information provided by the company.

In terms of services, KeefH Web Designs now offers a wide range of options to cater to different client needs. They specialize in creating responsive and mobile-friendly designs, ensuring that websites are optimized for all devices and screen sizes. Additionally, they provide e-commerce solutions, allowing businesses to set up and maintain online shops easily. Their expertise also extends to search engine optimization (SEO), ensuring that websites rank higher in online search results and attract more organic traffic.

Furthermore, KeefH Web Designs has expanded its team of skilled professionals. They have hired talented web designers and developers who bring their unique perspectives and skills to the company. The team consists of individuals with years of experience in the industry, ensuring that clients receive top-notch services and customized solutions.

The company has also received recognition for their outstanding work. They recently won the "Best Web Design Company" award at a prestigious industry event. This accolade highlights their commitment to excellence and their ability to deliver exceptional web design solutions to their clients.

Moreover, KeefH Web Designs has launched a blog section on their website. This will serve as an informative resource for individuals interested in web design, development, and digital marketing. The blog will feature articles offering tips, tricks, and best practices for creating effective websites, improving online presence, and staying up to date with the latest industry trends.

Lastly, the company has implemented enhanced customer support services. They now offer 24/7 assistance to their clients, ensuring that any issues or queries are promptly addressed. This commitment to excellent customer service sets them apart from their competitors and further emphasizes their dedication to client satisfaction.

In conclusion, the recent news and updates from "https://www.keefh-web-designs.org.uk/" demonstrate their continuous growth and evolution as a leading web design company. With their new website design, expanded services, expert team, industry recognition, informative blog, and improved customer support, KeefH Web Designs is well-positioned to meet the diverse needs of their clients and maintain their position as a trusted name in the web design industry.

For more information contact us anytime – Click Here

End of generated article


The definition of a backlink. an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website: "the more backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the more popular it will be" "one single article can result in hundreds of quality backlinks"

Most of the articles/ blogs I create using EASY SEO and / or RabbitSEO have up to 4 backlinks in them leading back to your site. Hopefully this video will explain why they areb important and the role AI has to play in helping to generate them. In SEO terms it all helps your online presence and recognition by search engines. I do hope that makes sense!


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