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Blog 1 - Introducing KeefH Web Designs new Blog to show the "Art of the Possible" in website design

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

created by KHWD, the home of great website design, on 25th July 2022 at 19.31


Please use the MENU to go to the website design stuff that most interests you but I have tried to show all the website design techniques and offerings that I can provide for you under the banner of Website Design and Development, as I learn more website design techniques on this never ending journey for better website design I will be able to add them to my armory and therefore put them at your disposal for better website design, I'm loving every minute of it #fun #websitedesign



Here I am going to show you what really is the art of the possible in the ever changing world of website design and development, back in the day (helps early 70s #confession time) everything was linear and unique, as the development concept evolved things like Jackson structured programming (JSP) and Easytrieve developed the concept of "generic" development methodologies to enable much more sharing of design and development and that in my case has evolved through both generic editors such as Moonfruit to now WIX and what is probably the world leading "self" development editing tool of Editor X. Note back in the days of JSP it was well before the concept of a web site and website design was invented. However, in my humble opinion not everything can be automated, and it is the creative skills and ability to spot visually attractive website design opportunity that KeefH Web Designs (currently i.e., me) will add to the website design and development process that my experience and know how bring to the party for you. My examples here on the site will hopefully illustrate some of the website design opportunities for you as you make up your mind.

My USP (unique selling point) is " The HOME of Great Website Design, cutting edge professional high-quality website design at affordable prices with a lasting impact. For all your Small Businesses, you can buy a Service "

KHWD photo art image used extensively


Here are some of the Certifications I have already received #proud #trumpetblowing #whynot

KeefH Web Designs Main Certification by WIX
KHWD Main Certification by WIX for website design


There are all manner of types of image gallery that are possible from "grid to slider", and here are each of those in turn featuring Service offerings on the KeefH Web Designs website designs site elsewhere just to show what is possible. It at least shows you what you can chose that best fits what you need to "show off".

So we have in menu form




Here is an example of the website design videos you can add either loading up your own but that uses a lot of data space or embedding from one of the many outlets for video, i.e. you tube, vimeo etc. etc. .


You can have them as SoundCloud entries , just the spoken word or attached to your favourite slideshows and videos as a voice over, here are some examples to enhance your website design

Use the counter in the top left hand side to see how many videos there are in your playlist and if you so wish expand to see all of them and them chose one that takes your fancy #youtube #enjoy


Using social media to promote and advertise your products, services and web site offering is a great way to communicate with others. I can provide any of those based upon whatever social media outlets you use or belong to.

There are apps to embed the feeds from the 3 social medias listed here and may well be more in the future. To look at my examples and se if any or all work for you go to the HOME page and use the side bar to scroll to them


Playlists, Videos with an audio book overlay , basically whatever you want or indeed use ones you already have, up to you, it can be done, here is an example of one of KeefH Web Designs playlist to demonstrate what you can do on a website with You Tube videos

Use the counter in the top left hand side to see how many videos there are in your playlist and if you so wish expand to see all of them and them chose one that takes your fancy #youtube #enjoy


You can have both on your site, here are some examples but the possibilities are endless

Then one thing you do have to be careful of is its size with respect to FILES as whatever you wish to allow download of on your size first has to be loaded to your site and will use up available data space, so my suggestion would be keep it small

loyalty pdf
Download PDF • 779KB


I achieve this via a variety of methods, but can certainly achieve most of the things you could ever want to do with any images you supply, from black and white, portrait edge fading, colour enhancement, background replacement, frames, text addition etc. etc. just ask, if I've not seen it before I'm sure with the vast number of tools at my disposal I will be able to satisfy your request and if not I will find a tool that will help.

Here are a couple of examples of stuff I have done