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Blog 5 - Marketing added to the portfolio of Services available from KHWD website design

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

created by KHWD, the home of great website design, on 28th August 2022 at 8.21


I am now able to offer an additional website design service which is available in the SHOP as a Marketing Add on. If you have taken a website from us and are not keen on doing your own marketing for it, whether that is an e-commerce shop site, blog or just standard website and you really don't want the hassle of having to do all that targeting whether via social media, emails or whatever communications methodology you want we here at KeefH Web Designs can take a weight off your shoulders and do all that for you. #websitedesign

I've been using Microsoft's new multi-track video advert creator, especially some of the Marketing templates which now I understand it are reasonable easy to manipulate to achieve what one wants. It has limited functionality as a free package (which I am currently experimenting with). My charge is for both my services and time and a contribution towards the upgrade of the software package to afford heaps more functionality, resolution quality and access to high quality stock images, videos and audio. A truly professional end product.

Anyhow I show here some of my examples which might fit what you want, clearly these are mt examples, yours would be fully fashioned.

You can see more under Dynamic pages in the dropdown menu under PRICES.

Thanks for looking


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Keef Hellinger
Keef Hellinger
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