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Blog 7, Website Design, Creating and Maintaining a You Tube Channel to enhance your online offering

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

created by KHWD, the home of great website design, on 29th September 2022 at 18.05


This website design blog is aimed at selling the merits of having your own You tube channel as well as KeefH Web Designs trying to increase its number of channel subscribers from 18 to something a lot more respectable. You tube can be a great website design marketing enhancer. We will see how it goes, no need to beg in my humble opinion, it's all about ensuring the content hits the spot! Ok maybe I will just beg, website design madness #haha

I have realised whilst writing this website design blog that I have learnt a lot about my own You Tube channel and the power of what is possible, so maybe give it a go yourself, it is very rich in functionality, and some of this website design Blog may help to point you in the right direction. I can of course offer this website design You Tube set up and configuration as an add on service.

To see my You Tube Channel please click HERE #websitedesign

My Channel

UPDATE 11th March 2023 Very Proud 1K videos, 48 subscribers and over 30K views since I started, with 26 shorts & reels #proud

why not subscribe to KeefH Web Designs You Tube Channel, Thanks
why not subscribe to KeefH Web Designs You Tube Channel, Thanks

Feel free to use this menu to go straight to the section that is of interest to you or just carry on and read straight thru the website design techniques Blog, the choice is yours, thanks for looking.



I use Microsoft's Photos app either in automatic mode and let it create all the transitions and add royalty free music if there are a lot of images but if it is a small number of images and you want to add your own soundtrack, for instance an audiobook overlay, which you have published on SoundCloud for example, then I might just use the create video feature and alter the duration of slides, which currently defaults to 3 seconds per slide and / or add transitions , text, header , whatever and add my own custom audio track of music first checking with the Warner's protection rights list as to whether it is possible to use on You Tube as long as it is not for monetarisation. This is a good early check as You Tube's automatic checks are very sophisticated and it could result in your video not being playable in one or all countries, you have been warned, I of course have fallen foul of these many times over the years. Clearly there are many apps, software packages on the market for photo, audio and video editing, you don't have to use what I use. Once you have your standalone video slideshow of images available it is time to use You Tube's website design studio to upload your creation. Add a title (100 characters or less) for SEO purposes the longer the better. Add a description. Add tag key words, identify if this video is for children or not, and publish. Job done, well mostly apart from checking all looks good and then time to embed in your chosen website.


You can either have a personal You Tube Channel or a Business One, the business one means you can authorise other to add content should you wish. I personally have used my website design channel to both limit the need to use up valuable data storage on my websites but also as a structured way of finding past videos and enhancing my sites.

It's worth thinking about your website design logo and background and associated available links in your channel header carefully as this will enable you to tie into your business brand fully.

The following is quite a good overview, if you would like to read it, please click HERE, thanks

Set up your about me channel page so that people can see who you are and what you stand for, maybe incorporating your unique selling point (USP), my overriding advice would be to keep it short and get straight to the point.

Keep it succinct
About Your Channel

The HOME page on your You Tube channel is where your viewers will arrive if they have clicked on the link to your channel, here you can customise your channel and manage all your videos. Tip branding should be heavily linked to website design. Its also worth thinking about VSEO.

You can configure how you like
KeefH Web Designs You Tube Channel HOME page

Note that where viewers arrive at your You Tube channel is quite different from the editor you will be using as the "owner" within the You Tube website design studio tool. This is because in essence the channel is for "published videos whereas the Studio editor is where you are constructing i.e., uploading, processing and checking (for validity) your videos prior to publishing them. I do hope that makes sense; it was a concept in the early days I struggled to get my head around. #tip Always match your you tube design to your website design.

You Tube Designer Studio Dashboard


Currently on 11th March 2023 we have 1k videos, 40 playlists, 30k views since the channel started and 48 subscribers, onwards and upwards KHWD #proud

Previously as at the end of September 2022 KeefH Web Designs (KHWD website designs) has 922 videos, 39 Playlists, 24,379 views and 18 subscribers. I started my You Tube channel back in July 2009 when I was using it mainly for the type of music, I am interested in, but it then morphed into being one of my main vehicles for showing images in a slideshow within websites for 2 main reasons, i) the vehicle I had been using for such functionality called Photosnack went bust ii) one always want to control the data space used within a website for reasons of cost and speed of page load. So far, my You Tube channel has been in operation for 4830 days, with only 18 subscribers over that time I would say it has been very remiss of me not to have promoted it more, I am attempting to address that now with this Blog, let's see how it goes. Statistically that also means we have added a new video about once every 5 days, now that shows my dedication to the cause and if you have the content that could be useful to you for your business as well #justsaying

Using You Tube Studio which is a very useful tool you can glean a lot about how your channel is performing and tweak it accordingly, allegedly marketing helps, but what do I know #haha

Analysis of Channel for last month
Analysis of Channel for last month

Clearly you can adjust the timeframe you are looking at (see image below for ideas / options) plus make comparisons between time frames if you so choose and review content, split between videos and shorts, indeed you can now achieve live reels if your confidence allows (currently mine doesn't) audiences showing numbers of unique viewers, additional subscribers within the period you are monitoring and returning visitors. I guess the aim must be to steadily increase your number of returning visitors to build brand loyalty. You can even examine which of your videos are rowing your audience. Some of the analytic tools are very powerful to the nth degree, if you click on "See More" you can delve down another level and see things like geography, gender, age group, which traffic source was used, whether viewers are subscribers or not and percentages shown for each, now is the challenge of how to convert a casual viewer to a subscriber, answers on a postcard please plus a whole lot of other options most of which I don't have a clue about yet, but rest assured I will #nerd

The final thing you can look at is research, you can even see what you viewers have been searching for, all of which may be useful to you and your brand. Basically, the power of the "investigate" is available to you to help make the right decisions for you, maybe give it a go as and when you have a channel, KeefH Web Designs can help with that.

TOP 10

This leads nicely on from Statistics and Analysis. Here is my latest Top 10 Playlist. I review and recreate yearly but if it interests you, you could do more or less frequently and / or adjust the number of videos to feature in your Top of the Pops.

The combined total views of my top 10 videos are 8919 (as at 30 Sept. 2022). Thats almost 37% of all the views my channel has received, would be very interesting to understand what makes those particular videos so popular, is featuring them in a Top 10 a self-fulfilling exercise I wonder. The other observation I would make is that all entries in my current Top 10 are short in length i.e., they are all under 12 minutes with half under 5 minutes and the other half under 12 minutes in duration.


If viewers click on the VIDEOS tab when they arrive at your You Tube channel, they will be presented with ALL of your channel's videos. It is possible to both search for individual named videos and use any criterion for searching as well as using the predefined sort options of most popular, oldest or newest, the choice is yours.

Search, Sort or Scroll thru the Channel Video offerings


Here is a summary of all our playlists, note some are external to the websites under KeefH Web Designs remit but that is what I mean about hooking in other channels. Currently 39 of these playlists which are the mechanism for delivering slideshows and slideshows with Audiobook overlays are listed here, indeed that KeefH Web Designs playlist is the one that features on this website. See this on our EXAMPLES page.

On the HOME page of your channel when you are considering a format you would like to show, consider also showing featured playlists, in my example here I have chosen to feature motorhome videos and campsites, but you could choose any of your playlists and also as many as you like but take care not to show them all, that is what the playlist tab is all about.

an example of configured playlists when customising your channel


You may find there are other You Tube channels out there in the ether that relate and support / promote what you are trying to achieve, the design studio gives you the option to include those. I personally haven't as yet done that but if you think it is of value you can set it up in your channel customisation.


I would suggest putting this in the header of your website if you are using it as a real promoter of your site and /or brand rather like using other forms of social media to market yourself. There are two levels to this, one at the channel level and the other where I have used the individual videos to insert on my sites to save data space and speed of site load, both very important.

Here is an example taken from my motorhome travels blog website.

click to view my channel


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