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Blog 10 - Recommended, Rabbit SEO Traffic Booster - Website Design Considerations

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

created by KeefH Web Designs, the home of great website design, on 13th December 2022 at 12.18 p.m.



I started looking into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in a much bigger way than I have in the past probably only paying lip service to it via the very limited functionality in WIX for my website design, i.e. using a Free version of a SEMrush app to select and see the most appropriate keywords to use for my website design sites (11 published currently), at least with this you get a view of how many google enquiries are used daily and the level of difficulty to compete with the use of that keyword, which is either a single word or a string / sentence of those relevant words, for example I would use "website design" as my major keyword selection, WIX allows up to 5. It has a lot of searches that use that keyword but it is also something that has a very high number of competitors. #websitedesign

Note the big boys (and girls) SEO offerings for website design are just far too expensive in the scheme of things, SEMrush are off the scale.

So having selected that I came upon Rabbit SEO Traffic Booster app in the WIX app store and chose to invest in it, one of the best decisions I ever made. With website design you must consider SEO and UX together to create the best results for website design. Ron who is the key support is just so helpful, I can't recommend this product and service enough and will make it available to all my clients, for a fee obviously. Good website design can sadly cost! I am getting to understand it's power in a lot greater detail now and the Help texts and manuals are a godsend as well as Ron's availability to answer my forever annoying (I suspect) probing to help increase my understanding for your best website design experience.

Want to have a look at this 5* SEO Tool in more detail? Great SEO / website design combo!

If you would like to add this service to your website design please visit the SHOP

image of a recommendation for Rabbit SEO traffic booster
what more can I say, this gets a HUGE tick from KHWD

Features of the Product

The dashboard is a great visual help as a starting point and the user manual is a must read. Everything on your account is highly configurable and helps you decide what you get and how often. You can even chose the search engine you want to focus in on, I chose Google as its the one most used in the United Kingdom, but you could chose otherwise.

KHWD rabbit SEO dashboard image, recommended

It interprets your landing pages and analyses them. It also tells you who your top competitors are and enables you to produce a report of the backlinks and keywords they use which is a great starting point (and set of pointers) for your SEO strategy. #seo

Here is a page extract from a report of one of KeefH Web Designs key competitors to give you a flavour of what I mean. As an aside you can capture almost anything you are researching in the tool via PDF, Excel spreadsheet or copying it to the clipboard for insertion into say a word document or whatever you chose, pretty useful facility #hintsandtips

rabbit SEO traffic booster recommended, competitor data
example of competitor data, recommended, great help

So, lets start firstly with keywords. Depending upon how much you are prepared to spend, as a poor pensioner I chose the "lightest" package price wise, which enables you to track upto 40 keywords,(Ron kindly gave me an extra 5 re feedback etc.) more than the standard 5 WIX's SEMrush allowed, and better still it gives you some suggestions to add. One thing I have learnt during my experimentation is that what you may logically think is a sensible and obvious keyword string for your site is not necessarily in SEO and website design the most obvious, for example on my motorhome-travels blog site the most used and searched keyword is "wagtail country park", it just shows how automated and mathematical the algorithms within the google search engine are, it sees letters and words and makes no attempt to "understand them" #learning What a browser search engine robot such as google uses is a "web crawler" which runs across mostly the text content of you web site and looks for certain criteria it has predetermined make a valued site. One must bear in mind that those rules can and do change over time as the web crawler companies refine their selection processes so your SEO is an ongoing thing, and Rabbit SEO Traffic Booster makes that an easy process to continue evaluating. #recommended

KHWD Rabbit SEO what you get image, recommended

You also get 4 basic backlinks added a month assuming you have a yearly subscription. You could of course just do a monthly contract and get all your learning from that, but my view is with SEO you must give it time. Backlinks both internal and external are very important to your overall rank ranking either at the domain level or the landing page level.

More analysis on website design SEO keywords.

Next we will look at what help there is in detail to improve your SEO on your website design pages, this is the Landing page analysis. Initially you are given a traffic light warning against each and every one of your site pages that are included in browser crawling. You can then use this wonderful data analysis to think about and adjust you SEO entries. If you run through the slides here you will see just how methodical and helpful Rabbit SEO Traffic Booster can be to your improved SEO on your website design. You can even use this to tab through on each set of keywords you would like to target. #learning #design #development

Internal and external links are also shown as well as the total page contents that a web browser crawler see.

Next we come to Backlink Analysis, as I said before getting good quality backlinks (both internally and externally) to your site are currently in search engine investigations very valuable, it's like this recommendation here for Rabbit SEO and Ron, I think they are great and don't mind saying so, other sites who are high up the pecking order saying the same for your site are a big advantage. I hope that makes sense.

Anyhow these are the options available to you and lots of graphs to make investigation and analysis easy. I find it an incredibly good check of the progress of both ones basic and premium backlinks building portfolio.

Let's look at the Links summary, explorer and history provided by the app. There are a plethora of graph available, just look across the menu in links history. Namely new links, links issues, types, location on page of link type and associated anchors etc. etc. All amazingly useful and highly recommended. As you get (with this package) 4 links a month , basic links, you can set the slider to allow Rabbit SEO to find and set them up for you or chose to define your own, you select the keyword you want them created for.

More on Competitors backlinks , this enables you to look a little more in depth at the established competitors in your field and may well give you some good website design keyword ideas.

competitor sheet KHWD via Rabbit SEO
look in a bit more detail at your competitors

So hopefully that gives a bit more of a flavour of this very useful tool SEO-wise, there is a lot more to learn and a lot more depth to it.

Ron has a portfolio of 4 other apps that may be useful in SEO and backlinks, I now know them all at least in part, and can employ them in your favour, both advising and using should you so chose.

Sneak preview: Trying out some new software (EASYSEO) with an element of AI generation within it, I'm working on this with a great guy in Haifa Israel, what do you think? #links#ai#keefhwebdesigns Click here to read an article published via it, or here or here or here, journal post blog has a domain authority under Moz (DA) of 55 which is good for SEO.

I have now had a bit more of a look at all the apps below and they all help with SEO in slightly different ways. Here are some positive review stats for each application. RabbitSEO I personally find to be the most helpful and EASY SEO the most professional, but hey that's just my opinion!.

Reviews for Good SEO help apps available on WIX as used by KeefH Web Designs
No of Reviews for Good SEO help apps, on WIX / Shopify / Browsers


As well as RabbitSEO for backlink generation I am also using Ron's other products, Links4u and SEOly to help and I am also using a list of high ranked web site to get my website design site noticed. See these images in descending order of DA ranking, the higher the number the greater the worth. I am where possible also publishing quality Blog and/ or reviews on those sites.

I have found LiveJournal as well and am currently trying to publish a marketing journal, bit tricky but I'm sure with help I will get there. In the end the help didn't really work so thought i do a new limited post to try it out, very similar to WordPress but I've used it as it has a high ranking Domain Authority (DA 95) and doesn't exhibit the usual "nofollow" rules that most high ranking domains do. See my 1st ever LiveJournal feed embedded below this list of strong DAs.

My Gravatar (DA 95) - I enjoyed setting this one up, will use RabbitSEO to check it arrives in my links eventually.

UPDATE March 2023. I have started getting closer to the SEOly application driven like RabbitSEO thru WIX. It is also available on the Shopify platform if that is something you use for e-commerce. The Tutorial as at 10/3/23 is summarised within one on my many Clipchamp videos show cased in my KHWD Website Design ideas playlist.


Another feature of website design that may help is CATEGORIES which can be searched upon themselves as can blog TAGs. Not sure yet if they contain HI text records but they certainly have SEO that both WIX and RabbitSEO recognise. If you wish to read those website design category of blogs click on the image, thanks.

WIX AI AND ALL Some more help in the wonderful world of SEO

This tool for checking on your chosen keywords called ORBITWISE is a great one If you want to check your Domain Authority (DA) and other SEO measurement factors about your site the Domain authority checker is a good place to start. Return to Menu



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