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Blog 9 - Professional Visitors Map to show visitors to your website, Website Design Technique

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

created by KeefH Web Designs, the home of great website design, on 27th November 2022 at 7.44 a.m.

After a few months of work with both WIX and Yell ensuring the ability to use and purchase website design app add on, if required, my website design plug in "apps" have now been upgraded and I have included an updated Visitor map app which is integrated into all of my sites, they draw on underlying data from Google analytics and show with various configurations Visitors by visit or location. You can have the last 100 for free, but up to a 1000 for a moderate fee.

I find it graphically a wholly useful tool where if you so choose you can quickly, professionally and conveniently drill down to get the base details.

You may want to include this in your website selection #hintsandtips #websitedesign

There are 27 map formats you can select if you are paying for the enhanced inclusion but only 4 with limited functionality if you choose the free offering.

To illustrate quite how far you can zoom in to get the details on for example my KeefH Web Designs site's enhanced visitor's map click HERE

enhanced Visitors map for KeefH Web Designs
enhanced Visitors map for KeefH Web Designs

motorhome-travels blog advanced visitor's map

serendipity girl's designer dresses advanced visitor's map

Generic free Visitor's map which allows up to 100 last visits or locations. I have used this on all my remaining 8 web sites, 4 of which are currently available for you to claim for yourselves and i will design and enhance to fit your total requirements.

example of the standard free visitor's map you could apply to your site as a plug in
example of the standard free visitor's map you could apply to your site as a plug in


Take a look at this slideshow to see how one can start at the highest level and continue to click on the locations counter to forever delve down into the scaled map until you reach the lowest level to see where your visitor looked at your site from. If you want to take it even further you can hit the plus "+" zoom button in the top left-hand corner to possibly get down to the street level, now that is spooky!

It is also possible to use standard google maps to identify a place for example where your business is or some other location you wish to highlight. You can even embed a google map into a website which is scalable fixated initially at the location of your choice. Take a look at these 2 examples. I must confess these standard maps are not as visually appealing as the plug-in app but in a way that is quite understandable but may be sufficient for your site.

Here is an example of an embedded google map plus of course my own KeefH Web Designs google maps entry. This is also the same on Bing Maps folks! In techy terms one uses an HTML embed of a website address the other uses an emved of code, but they can both achieve the same end result.

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Right, that's all for Blog 9 folks, I hope it gives you food for thought!


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