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Blog 8, KHWD You Tube Playlists, how to get noticed on the 'Tinternet 😉Website design & master VSEO

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

created by KeefH Web Designs, the home of great website design, on 27th October 2022 at 10.22



Many alleged You Tube SEO specialists have been writing to me recently, offering their services at a cost obviously, as a "worn in the tooth" IT pensioner this is definitely beyond my means and probably their pay grade BUT I do believe their advice that videos are beginning to play a much bigger part in the ways of getting your website design noticed and have your website design gain more traction and uplift through Google's page ranking on browser searching if you include them, label them up well with targeted and relevant website design keywords, and / or reference them in anchor pages on your site or within your blog. The technical word on the street is now VSEO or Video Search Engine Optimisation.

VSEO is simply about optimising your video so that it is indexed and ranks on the search engine results pages for applicable keyword searches. This is another string to your website design bow. There are many optimisation strategies to give your videos a higher chance of ranking.

When it all comes down to the issue of, “What is video SEO?” the same fundamental rules are applicable. Videos are a type of content, a popular one at that, and should be treated with exactly the same sort of attention as a blog post or product page within your website design.

Although, there’s a catch with VSEO. Bots can’t watch video – they can only view text metadata such as the title and tags. Ordinary website design SEO has an advantage over this. This should mean that they can’t crawl, index as well as rank video content. Right? Well, not quite. While it is true that bots don’t have the ability to watch a video in the traditional sense, the great news is that there’s still a way to get your videos “seen” by search engines.

Website design considerations are for ever increasing in complexity if you want to be seen.


From October 2022 You Tube is introducing a new handle for your Channel, this is being slowly rolled out across all their subscribers and adds to the already available custom URL and user links already available, indeed if you do nothing your new handle will default to the custom URL assuming you have one. You can of course alter it to one of your own choosing, using your brand name is a good bet assuming it doesn't already belong to another channel.

My current custom URL which I use to promote my main keyword anchor text website designers near me is HERE.

My You Tube username link is HERE

And my new You Tube handle link, which is not fully functional across You Tube as yet is HERE

Extra You Tube Channels I maintain for my lovely wife Annie's small craft biz are these 2 based around her lovely Girls Designer Clothing from her website design shop and they are i) custom URL Anne Hellinger / handle GirlsDesignerClothing and ii) old-style username SerendipityGDDs / handle GirlsDesignerClothes , I have started re-maintaining these channels and had a non Gmail account against the 2nd so have had to do a lot of work resurrecting it as it was set up in 2010, phew not easy I can tell you, but fully functional now, thank heavens. Onwards and upwards with website design.

Image of KeefH Web Designs 3 You Tube Channels redesigned with new Handles

These are 2 of the 3 approvals I got from You Tube as they roll out their new offer of creating a handle for your channel, which supports your website design. Previously there was a You Tube URL name for your channel and a much older user variety, this brings You Tube into the current.

You Tubes new Handles approval image
You Tubes new Handles approval image

These are screen shots of our 3 You Tube Channels as an example, they are taken off a phone, but configuration is such that they work on phone, tablet, laptop, desktop and TV screen or indeed any device you care to mention that can run You Tube.

I'm looking for new subscribers for all 3 Channels, if you do subscribe, I will ALWAYs subscribe to your channel.


Here is a list of my playlists held on my You Tube channel in ascending order of number of number of videos in that playlist. You can set up whatever Playlists you want to categorise elements of what you are trying to say or sell. Using descriptions against each Playlist further enhances your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The first is a no clickable image, the second is a table which if you click on the name will take you directly to that playlist #fun #websitedesignersnearme

KHWD Playlists in ascending order to number of videos
KHWD Playlists in ascending order to number of videos


Click on the link to view, thanks NOTE also that this list is correct at time of going to print on 27 October 2022, clearly the latest actual count of playlists can be seen directly on my KHWD YOU TUBE CHANNEL

If you would like a copy of the Excel spreadsheet that shows all my You tube playlists by alphabetical order and in descending number of videos with the links to find them then feel free to download that spreadsheet here, its 28.5KB in size so fairly small, i.e., it packs a punch.

KeefH Web Designs Playlist count
Download XLSX • 29KB


Tables within a BLOG enable you to have as many rows and columns as you wish, unfortunately even though you can control the width of each column on a slider you cannot adjust the font size which defaults to your site paragraph text height which means in mobile view sometimes it looks a little large, oh well, it is what it is, I spent quite a while sorting that. One great thing though is that you can insert almost anything, image, video, html, SoundCloud item, file, GIF etc. etc. into a column entry in your table.


On your You Tube channel entry page you can add a section to show featured other You Tube channels, these are also available on the main menu tab. In KeefH Web Designs You Tube channel I show those 2 channels I have set up for Annie to feature videos associated with the handmade designer little girls' clothes she creates. If you would like to see the website, click HERE

image of KHWDs You Tube channel other featured channels
featured other channels


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