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Marketing Add On

Get noticed with the right Marketing , a website design service

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website design service

Marketing Add On

EXTRA for site choice, various available tools to promote your business using the purchased Ascend tools ,this is an add-on to any of your choices and is real high end marketing and can include your own custom images or videos with targeted text and links to set you apart from the crowd, have a look at one of my adverts here for my motorhome-travels blog site, which can then be published on whatever social media you wish i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. etc. note it really is the "bees-knees" , probably most appropriate for e-commerce sites and blogs but can apply to all available services

If you are interested feel free to leave me your address

Video Example, The "Art of the Possible"


Example marketing Vid!

Transparent Video Example, The "Art of the Possible"

you could use transparencies to market

Marketing Video Examples, The "Promotion"

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