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Blog 11 Website Design for Video shorts & Reels

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

created by KeefH Web Designs, the home of great website design, on Burns night, 25th January 2023 at 16.33 p.m.

I am now able to created reels and shorts using AI, which I can then flex after seeing what they look like which enhances marketing for website design

image of keefH web designs you tube short
marketing-wise here is what I can do for you

This Blog 11 website design new techniques are using Travel Boast and Clipchamp for You Tube Shorts, FB & Insta Reels/Story




You may find this a useful technique for your website design, just a thought, now follows an overview of how these are created and what options are available.

These travel blog route videos were created using the phone app Travel Boast , great website design, where I drew out all the places we stopped at on route in order down to in many cases the smallest villages. It then draws out the route with a motorhome (and / or any other animated transportation icon i.e. plane, car, bus, van etc. etc.) driving / flying / travelling to show where we went. I have then hooked its 5 formats I had created into one You Tube video. Landscape, Portrait and square maps which are further altered to be on a map of 5 possible formats i.e.. Day, Night, soft blue, soft grey and one with enhanced road definition just for added effect. It is easy in the phone app to alter these map backgrounds and the orientation of the screen. You can also express the distances travelled in either kilometers or miles. For the purposes of this website and because I work in UK old money all my travel blog routes will be in miles. I have also (where necessary and desired) joined them together with some relevant images and textual overlays using Microsoft's Clipchamp. See what you think, i think it brings the journey to life and adds to any travel blog #newfeature The thing I do find out of kilter though is its estimated distance when compared to the actual distance we have recorded via other means, for example via our motorhome's speedometer which we know are accurate, even more surprising is the fact that between portrait and landscape using the same map data it comes up with different distances travels #wellweird


Here are some examples from KeefH Web Designs created motorhome travels blogs site to illustrate the website design technique using an animated map with a variety of transportation vehicle animations attached, they can be in either landscape and / or portrait depending upon which device and audience you are hoping to target with your marketing. Portrait for phones

Landscape for tablets and desktops / laptops

If you would like to see a full set on the motorhome travel blog for examples of website design techniques click HERE, if you would like to see the You Tube playlist of Travel Blog routes click HERE, thanks for looking.


You tube shorts are videos that are less than 60 seconds so you need to get your main message right up front in the video. I find they are a great way to market your website and website design as they are so short you get quite a large audience very quickly. They are identified in a different section in your You Tube channel and should be headed with #short Here is an example, see what you think? Feel free to read an AI generated article I created on You Tube shorts / reels

Look at our YOU TUBE shorts HERE Try the "popular view" this will give you all my you tube shorts in descending order of views. A useful sort filter, see what you think.

Here is a reel or short dated 2nd July 2023 which shows my TOP 10 shorts to date #shorts #reels #tiktok Some of my reels are on TikTok but I'm a relative newcomer to this app, but if you want to use it I can help


Instagram Reels came first but now you can do the same with Facebook. They are similar in nature to the You Tbe shorts in that they are only 60 seconds long mostly and in portrait mode orientation. Apparently TikTok is the same although I haven't got that far as yet but I'm sure they are all the same, quick short ways of getting across your message either via marketing or entertainment, the duration is the key, nearly everyone can cope with that so its a great way to get your message across.

My examples can be found firstly on my Instagram feed here on the site, click HERE and scroll down to Insta feeds either via the drop down or side bar, secondly on my Facebook feed can be accessed in exactly the same way. Stories are slightly different in that they are static image if delivered from desktop / laptop with words around them and they stay on your page, not yet sure if you can use video in a story if created on a phone, I will try it out!

I posted this as a Facebook & Instagram reel


Bye from travel routes, this GIF is so familiar to our end of journey first stop #haha

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Keef Hellinger
Keef Hellinger
Jan 26, 2023

Did it ;)

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